Taiwan has optimal growing conditions for tea. A majority of Taiwan's tea is grown in its vast mountainous regions which are perennially shrouded in mist. This protects the plants from the direct sun which causes the tea plants to grow more slowly, concentrating the flavors in each leaf. These very specific environmental conditions cause the tea grown here to be rich in flavor and less bitter. After the leaves are harvested, the expert skill and mastery of Taiwan's tea making artisans produces some of the world's most extraordinary teas. Each tea in our collection is individually sourced only from growers who we both trust and have a good rapport with. We choose to deal with growers who produce exceptional tea. We select traditionally crafted teas that are worthy representatives of their particular variety. We do not aim to have every kind of tea produced in Taiwan available on our site. Our focus is on quality and on making available unique specialty teas that are rarely if ever exported but definitely worth sharing.