Certified Organic teas

 We are proud to bring you this new collection of organically certified teas. Our certified organic teas are certified by the Japanese agency MOA (Mokichi Okada International Association). MOA farming methods uphold the highest standards of organic and ecological farming using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This certification is verified organic by Taiwan's CAS (Certified Agricultural Standards) agency issued by Taiwan's agricultural authority. 

For this collection of certified organic teas, we have teamed up with David Tsay. David has been recognized by the Taiwan government for his tireless work in organic tea. He has been honored by the Taiwanese government as “Protector of tea mountains”

You may already be familiar with David’s kind smile, humble demeanor, and passion for tea. His tea studio is a popular stop for tea travelers in Taiwan. It is David’s life work is simple, to make a shift in the tea industry towards organic tea. This involves tireless travel around Taiwan and China subsidizing farmers, transitioning them to organic and teaching about tea to his many students along the way.

David has founded the “tea mountain preservation society” as a way to sponsor conventional farmers to start using organic production methods. This sponsorship lasts for a minimum period of 5 years. Members agree to pay the farmer market price for the amount of his typical harvest. In return they receive the tea harvest, creating a win-win situation for both parties. The Jade Leaf organic tea selection comes from the results of this program.

There are many challenges in producing organic teas, and just as many in getting farmers to shift their production towards a more difficult way of production. Your purchase directly supports this cause. You get the benefit of receiving the fruits of Davids labor.