At The Jade Leaf, tea is our passion, and we are enthusiastic about providing quality local Taiwanese tea and hand-made teaware to you. We source our tea in-person from small Taiwanese farms, specializing in high quality, locally grown and traditionally cultivated Taiwanese loose leaf tea. We offer a large selection of locally produced hand-made teaware and each piece in our hand-made collection is a one of a kind Taiwanese original. All of our teaware including our Yixing pots are individually selected for good quality and functionality. We take pride in providing you with authentic, high-quality tea and teaware.


Qi Lai Shan / A New High Mountain Growing Area

May 05, 2016

This Spring I took some friends to the Qi Lai Shan Shi Feng Tea Factory, the source of our Qi Lai Shan High Mountain tea. Qi Lai Shan is a newer and very small high elevation tea production area in Nantou county consisting of only about 5 small factories. The tea fields are at an elevation of 2050m, pushing them into a category reserved for only the highest elevation teas in Taiwan.  Getting there was an adventure. It was probably the scariest "road" I've ever been on. It was more of a mule trail paved in concrete. They don't even have mules in Taiwan. Some of the turns were so sharp that you had to make a potentially deadly three-point-turn just...

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Visiting the farm: Organic Red Jade #18 in Taiwan

March 05, 2016

My wife Spring and I recently took a trip to connect with some of our tea farmers in Nantou. The second stop on our journey was the Yu Shan area where we spent time with Mr. Ou, his wife and 3 sons. He was gracious to invite us to his house for dinner and to spend the night. Mr. Ou is the Yu Shan area tea farmer and maker of three teas in our collection. He makes our Caramel Oolong, Yu Shan Tie Guan Yin and Yu Shan Black, all teas that we offer exclusively on our site. These teas are not available for sale anywhere else outside of Taiwan.  We were planning to head to the Sun Moon Lake area the following day and...

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