How we source our tea

At The Jade Leaf we go above and beyond all fair trade standards for doing business. We believe that greater justice in world trade is possible. That there is need for change in the rules and practice of conventional trade and that business should put people first. 

Fortunately since Taiwan's ancient culture rooted in confucian,Taoist and Buddhist ethics it is one of the world's most peaceful societies. The working and living standards here are of good quality. We pay market price for our tea. As more than 80% of Taiwan's tea business is domestic, foreign markets have almost no impact on the market prices for tea in Taiwan, this is a very different situation than India, some places China and other southeast asian countries are faced with. 

As an 8 year resident of Taiwan and an someon who has a great interest in Chinese culture and who has been a student of many aspects of Chinese culture for nearly 20 years, I have a great respect for the people here.