Black teas

During Japanese colonization of Taiwan, Japan established a black tea industry in the early 20th century. However, that industry didn't produce much notable tea and has since almost faded out completely. Recently in Taiwan there has been a revival of the black tea industry. Many oolong tea growers are beginning to experiment with black tea production. In addition a few notable hybrids that have been in experimental production for over 50 years are coming on to the market. Of particular interest are is Red Jade #18 which is a hybrid of Burmese Assam crossed with the local Taiwanese indigenous Shan Cha. Shan Cha is a very special indigenous Taiwanese wild tea strain. This unique indigenous strain of tea stands our as its own variety, different from any other in the world. It can be made into an amazing black tea and has been used as the mother plant in many new hybrid varieties that are now coming on the market. It has a sweet and rich fruity flavor and no bitterness.