Caramel Oolong Winter 2018

Warm rich notes of toasted nuts

"Caramel" references the medium roast of this oolong tea. You've probably never heard of this tea as we're the only ones to offer this tea outside of Taiwan. This High Mountain oolong is grown at 1600m in Yu Shan by a second generation tea grower. On meeting this young tea farmer we were impressed by his vision for innovation that he seamlessly joins with his reverence for tradition. The medium roasting of this tea creates a toasty, warm, roasted nut aroma and rich flavor. This tea maintains its flavor and aroma over many steepings.

Varietal: Qing Xin Oolong
Season: Spring 2015
Oxidation: Low
Roasting: Medium
Grown: Yu Shan, Taiwan
Elevation: 1600m

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