2011 Deng Shi Hai - Taiji round tea

woody, smoky

This tea has a flavor profile somewhat similar to Xiaguan. Smoky and bitter with returning sweetness that lingers. Processed in the traditional manner, large leaves full of nutrition, flavor nuances and strength are made into tea with the optimal qualities for aging potential. This series of teas are based on Master Deng Shi Hai’s decades of research and experience with antique puerh teas. Deng Shi Hai is one of the most well-respected experts in aged puerh tea. These teas are a pursuit to re-create the Hao (Song pin hao) and Yin (red mark, green mark etc.) teas of the past. Details such as leaf grade, processing methods and compression densities are employed in making this tea based on Deng Shi Hai’s study of the Song Pin Hao teas.

 Another tea from the same producer 2007 Fulu Round Tea.

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