JUST IN !!! 2024 Spring Qi Lai Shan High Mountain Tea

Note: Great quality this year!

Notes of toasted cashew, buttercream and a touch of ocean mist

Located in a remote, pristine high elevation garden on the edge of a national forest. Qi Lai Shan is close to other famous high mountain gardens such as Li Shan, Fu shou shan, and Da Yu lin. Even in Taiwan, Qi lai Shan is a still largely unknown growing region. This is because this area is relatively new to tea cultivation. Only locals who know where the best tea in Taiwan is, know about this growing area. This tea is grown at 2050m. The dry leaves have the clean fragrance of high mountains that is both fruity and floral. The taste is pure and buttery with a long, smooth aftertaste. If you are a high-mountain lover tea, this is the tea for you. It is one of our personal favorites. It's very rare to find a better quality tea than this in Taiwan.

Note: This product now comes in it's original vacuum sealed foil bags to improve quality and storage. 

Reviews: Buddha-Mom Tea

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Varietal: Qing Xin Oolong
Season: Spring 2020
Oxidation: Low
Roasting: low
Area: Qi Lai Mountain region, Nantou, Taiwan
Elevation: 2050m


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