Wistaria 2007 Hong Yin (Red Mark)

Ancient trees, Yunnan Province, China

From the Wistaria website: This special reproduction of the. 1950's tea comes from a verdant forest of ancient tea trees in Da San, Yunnan. The gardens have been kept pristine since their birth long ago, with an ample 3 to 5 meters between each tree so that their branches may stretch out comfortably and smile in glorious crowns beneath the sky. Among them, there are some camphor and cinnamon trees, as well as prolific undergrowth and a whole ecology of insects, plants and animals. Confucious said "Everything expands as much as it's nature allows." And giving trees such freedom represents countless generations of tea farmers. This new Hong Yin cake is modeled after the flavor profile of the classic Hong Yin first grade (jia ji). This new version was harvested in the spring of 2007. Master Chow Yu, the owner and founder of Wistaria tea house, carefully selected and blended this tea based on decades of experience with the original. The tea liquor is fine, smooth and thick with a mellow aftertaste and a peaceful Qi that expands throughout the body, similar to Chow Yu's classic 2004 Tai He tea. 

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