Wistaria 2005 Tai He

Puerh from ancient tea trees high in the mountains of Yiwu, Yunnan Province, China

Description from Wisteria: The ancient tea trees (minimum 400-500 and up to 1000 years of age) harvested to make this tea range between 3 and 10 meters in height. Plucked between the months of April and May, their spring buds are long and corpulent, replete with mineral content, effusing an abundance of powerful energy. With just 2-5 leaves (around 0.5 to 1 gram) in a teabowl you can enjoy between 7 and 10 steepings. It is not uncommon, after a single bowl, to feel a warm energy flowing upward from your belly, filling your entire body. Saliva will spring from the root of your tongue, filling your jowls with a sweet flavor that unravels in unending transformations. 

To the Wistaria co-founder Mr. Chow Yu, this cake is the best work among all of the puerh cakes he's made. It is a representative product for the entire Wistaria puerh line. 

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