Light Charcoal Roast Oolong (Ecologically grown) Spring 2020

Rich toasted nut aroma

Our ecologically grown light roast oolong has an exceptionally smooth and balanced roasted flavor that refreshes the palate. 

This tea is produced in small batches then charcoal roasted by a master roaster who grows, and makes his own tea. This is unique in that the tasks of tea growing, tea making, and tea roasting are often done by separate parties. Organic farming methods are incorporated in this tea farm to produce a very clean tea.

Our ecological light roast oolong is similar to Dong Ding in its roasting style. The difference is in how smooth this tea is. Lacking any bitterness, it leaves the palate feeling clean and refreshed. The flavor is very stable and persistent through multiple steepings.
Varietal: mixed natural hybrids
Season: Spring 2020
Oxidation: Low
Roasting: light
Grown: (Dong Ding) Lugu, Taiwan
Elevation: 450m

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