2011 BYH Mahei Yiwu Sheng (SOLD OUT)

fruity, woody aroma with notes of cotton candy, sugarcane, and nectar

This 2011 Mahei is slightly thicker with more body than the 2012 version.

The wet leaves of this tea give off a soft woody, herbal aroma with notes of cotton candy, sugarcane, and nectar.

The soup is smooth, and lubricating with low bitterness, medium thickness, and a sweet finish. The tea has good body, the taste is soft and rich and prominently Yiwu. Excellent quality Yiwu.

Origin: A blend from Mahei and surrounding villages in the yiwu area.

Bi Yun Hao is a Taiwanese producer of high quality, small production puerh. Because of the small production of these teas, availability is very limited.

*The availability of whole cakes is limited. If we're unable to fill your whole cake order, we'll get in touch with you and provide a full refund. 🤝


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