JUST IN !! Organic Bi Luo Chun (green tea) Spring 2024

Aromas of refreshing cucumber, snow pea and fresh grass

Harvest date: 2/26/2024

This year's harvest has a crisp passion fruit flavor! This is the first flush of the season.

This premium quality organic Bi luo chun is Taiwan's best green tea. The young and tender leaves were freshly picked just days ago in the countryside of Sanxia, just west of Taipei. This tea is composed of unfurled delicate, hand picked, yellow-green spring tea buds. This tea is best when it's fresh so now is the best time to buy. 

*This tea is outstanding for cold brewing. It brings out the flavor and nutrition without any bitterness. Put 10g of tea / 1L water in a  jar with fresh cold water and store it in the refrigerator overnight. The tea will be ready to drink in the morning. 

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