JUST IN !!! Baozhong Spring 2024

light, fresh and floral

UPDATE: We're delighted to share that the Spring 2024 harvest has arrived, and it's exceptional. This is the first harvest of the year,  boasting unparalleled freshness and the vibrant, delicate flavors characteristic of the young crop. We can't wait for you to taste the remarkable quality of this year's harvest.

This baozhong tea is lightly oxidized capturing the fresh fragrance of the tea fields! Baozhong is one of our favorite teas from Northern Taiwan and we're really happy with the quality of this spring's tea. This tea comes from a fourth-generation grower who continually wins competitions with his tea. In an effort to get you the freshest tea before it has been sold out on the domestic market, we purchased it immediately so that we can offer you this super fresh, fragrant tea very close to its harvest date.

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