2014 Yuan yuan tang Wangong

honey, fruit, wild forest, soothing cha qi

 Wangong is a small remote village, in a protected forest nestled at High Altitude in the Yiwu area. This unique location, situated just north of Gua Feng Zhai and Chawangshu along the border of Laos, boasts a remarkable collection of ancient tea trees, some aged over 500 years. The charm of Wangong is making it a rapidly rising star among Pu-erh tea regions. 

Savor the essence of the wild forest:

The tea starts off with a deep, honeyed floral aroma, followed by a mellow sweetness, all accompanied by a captivating scent reminiscent of a wild forest. This tea, a personal favorite of mine from YYT, offers an uplifting experience with a soothing cha qi that arrives in floating waves of calm. As the tea opens up, it gives a noticeable moisturizing quality. 

Prepared to be captivated by the flavors, including a delicate fruity essence, a delicate smokiness that seems to come and go in the background, and the wild spirit and purity of the lush forest. 

Limited stock!!!

Contact me at thejadeleaftea@gmail.com for whole cake pre-orders. For reference, the estimated whole cake price is $366.78 as of 8/31/23.

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