Wild clay side handle teapot 160ml C


Each batch of wild clay teapots is unique, with its own distinct color, texture, and design. This is because wild clay is a natural material that is formed over thousands of years, and each deposit of clay has its own unique mineral composition. I personally locate, dig,  and process small quantities of clay wild harvested deep in the pristine mountains of northern Taiwan. Each batch of clay must be tested for the optimal firing temperature, porosity, and density to bring out the most flavor and aroma of tea. 


I create each pot by hand in small batches. There are less than 20 teapots in each batch. I produce less than 50 per year. 

These pots are made from a small batch of wild clay discovered close to a beautiful stream that is my favorite place to cool off in the hot and humid Taiwanese summers. The raw clay is smooth and has layers of vibrant purple and orange. These are signs of high iron content which I often turns out to be the best raw material for making teapots. 


These pots were made with emphasis on exceptional functionality paired with an ideal clay for making tea. It’s a bonus that the clay has a wonderful texture, color and tactile quality. 

  • SPOUT The spout design provides a steady stream and satisfying flow. Each pot has a 7-hole filter behind the spout.
  • LID The well fitted gallery lid results in almost no dripping while pouring.
  • HANDLE The handle is ergonomically designed to make pouring comfortable and easy. The side-handle has been improved from our previous teapots.
  • SIZE The size of the pots is a little larger than usual because this provides good water pressure while pouring. This creates a stream with some force rather than a pot that dribbles. If you feel the size is too big, you can fill the pot with less water. You will still get excellent brewing characteristics with this method. 
  • WEIGHT Each pot is meticulously thrown and trimmed making the teapot easy to handle and comfortable to pour. 


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