2010 BYH Chawangshu Yiwu Sheng (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 2009 BYH chawangshu is available upon request. 

thick, sweet & silky, lingering huigan

*The source for this tea is nearly expired. This tea comes through one of Mr. Chen of BYH's collectors. His stock is limited and he no longer wants to sell. 

Soft, mellow flavor with dense, thick, full-bodied, sweet, silky, elegant mouthfeel and lasting huigan.

Powerful relaxing warm fuzzy cha qi. 

Bi Yun Hao is a Taiwanese producer of high-quality, small-production puerh. Because of the small production of these teas, availability is very limited.

*The availability of whole cakes is limited. If we're unable to fill your whole cake order, we'll get in touch with you and provide a full refund. 🤝 

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