2007 Zhongcha FT Purple bud (limited stock)

well-rounded daily drinker

We were privileged to obtain a limited quantity of this tea at an exclusive discount. We're happy to pass on the price savings to you!

The FT brand teas are regarded for their quality raw materials and well-crafted blends, surpassing the standards of regular factory productions.

Renowned Taiwanese tea merchant, Mr. Guo Zai Tian, personally oversees the sourcing of raw materials and production process of these teas. You may have come across some other FT productions, such as the XG 2014 Love Forever blend.

One notable characteristic of this tea is its delightful balance between sweetness and bitterness. Upon steeping, the tea gradually reveals its flavors, accompanied by a pleasant hui gan and a satisfactory mouth sensation. The liquor exhibits decent thickness, mouth coating, and moistening effect. Initially, the tea presents a grain-like flavor profile, which gradually evolves into a delightful fruity essence as the infusion progresses.

While these teas may not reach the same caliber as high-end boutique puerh, they excel as satisfying and affordable daily drinkers, especially when considering their age.

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