2006 Dayi 7742-601 (NEW!!!)

Classic Dayi, bold smoked plum flavor

This 7742-601 tea has a classic Dayi taste. The heated dry leaves emit a smoky, plumy, and woody aroma, contributing to a bold and thick flavor profile. The deep mouthfeel extends to the throat, accompanied by a pleasant sweet salivation at the base of the tongue.

Crafted from base material aged 3-5 years, this tea exhibits a noticeable maturity in its taste, surpassing the 2006 vintage. The dark amber color of the soup further attests to its well-developed character. Notably, this tea outshines its counterparts, the 7542 and 8582, of similar age.

In the wholesale market, this tea commands a price of around 20,000 TWD. However, we secured a cake at a discounted rate and are passing the savings on to you. Whole cakes are available upon request.

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