Satin white glaze teacup with crystallized glass set B 40ml x 4

This handmade teacup set is made from porcelain clay and covered with a white ash glaze with alluring crystallized glass in the bottom. The hibiscus shape detail creates depth and texture to the cup while the crackles in the glaze will continue to darken over time.  

These cups go well with any of the teas from our collections or any of your favorite teas. They particularly bring out the delicate fragrance of teas such as Boozhong, Biluochun and caramel oolong.  

We recommend pairing these delightful teacups with any of our unglazed or wood handle teapots (  Some teapots will NOT fill all four cups in one serving ) 

Please note that due to its handmade nature, there might be slight variations in sizes and patterns

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