Dragon scale shibo & cup set 90ml B

ūüź≤¬†The¬†Dragon Returns!¬†This captivating Shibo and Cup combo is inspired by the power and grace of the mythical creature. The glaze mimics the enigmatic scales of a dragon, earning its name. Following the success of our Dragon Scale series, this set combines comfort, functionality, and unique textured glaze. Crafted with meticulous care, the glaze is notoriously difficult to perfect, resulting in a limited batch of only 10 flawless pieces.¬†ūüź≤¬†

Geek stats :

Clay : Made from Taiwanese stoneware blended with wild harvested clay, each item boasts low porosity, remarkable workability, and a distinct character.

Capacity : 90ml / 30oz

Glazes : The iron oxide & crawling glaze exterior and moon white interior glaze make this set a tea enthusiast's dream. Our best glaze for tea! Accurately transposes the tea's flavor to your cup. You may have noticed that some other glazes degenerate the flavor of the tea. 

Firing temp: high-fired in reduction 1250¬įC / 2282¬įF

Kiln: electric / gas hybrid


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