clay kettle and stove set 160ml / stove height 15cm

This collection of kettle/stove sets created during the summer of 2020 are specially designed replicas of antique Chinese and Japanese stoves. They are often used by tea connoisseurs in Taiwan for a particular style of Chaozhou tea brewing that requires a small kettle. You may use them however you want to. Keep in mind that at around 200ml, the kettle size is rather small.

The reason for re-making this antique design is because of the charming quality of the stoves and because there are hard to find. The antique version is also very expensive as they can be hundreds of years old. They can also be fragile and are prone to breakage with use. The clay blend we’ve been using is much more durable.

The photos will show all the pieces that come with that particular set. If you need a recommendation on where to purchase charcoal in the U.S. send me an email or pm me on IG.

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