select woodfired teaware

The current selection of wood fired teaware is from two recent firings of the same wood fire kiln at Ya Tai university in Miaoli, Taiwan. Each piece was hand thrown on a pottery wheel and then fired for 3-4 days. Wood firing is a lot more work than other firing methods because wood has to be manually loaded into the kiln every minute to get the temperature up to 2336°F. This process goes on for many days at a time and a team is required to keep the kiln stoked on a continual basis for many days. If the firing is successful the hard work pays off as wood firing creates unique effects that cannot be achieved any other way. Depending on their location in the kiln unglazed pieces will be coated by wood ash which when heated to high temperature will melt and create a natural glaze on the pottery. Colors can range from red, orange and yellow to green depending on the kind of wood used and the firing method.