wood fired teapot 550ml

This wood fired teapot was fired for 5 days in an anagama kiln. It's a very intense style of firing. The kiln has to be constantly stoked both day and night for the duration of the firing. The markings and overall character of this type of pot can only be achieved through the time and temperature of this type of firing. Each pot is totally unique. Based on the placement of each pot in the kiln, each will receive different markings from the path of the flame and wood ash through the kiln. 

Each piece of wood is carefully cut and carved by hand to create a one-of-a-kind comfortable handle. Each handle is then finished with a waterproof sealer before being permanently attached to the pot. 

Each pot is unglazed inside and has a 7 hole filter behind the spout. Wood fired pots are generally excellent for roasted oolongs, puerh and black tea. Because of the long, and hot firing much of the silica in the clay has been microscopically transformed to glass, they can work well for greener teas as well. 

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