side handle teapot 80ml (glazed inside) / fern plate set

The Jade Leaf  teapot

This teapot is glazed with a rare golden shino glaze. It is glazed inside so you can use it with any kind of tea. 

The plate is impressed with local ferns and coated with wild clay, which they grow from. We live in an amazing place in the mountains of Northern Taiwan, rich with forests, wildlife and streams. We want to share the beauty and tranquility of the place through our teaware. 


Ergonomic for comfortable pouring

Well designed spout for smooth pouring

Fitted lid


  • The plate is covered in a wild clay slip dug in the pristine mountains around our studio
  • The impressions in the plate are made from local ferns.
  • The glazes are exclusively made in our studio. We often include local ash and clay as glaze materials.

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