1000ml B clay kettle and stove set

These larger handmade stove/kettle sets are suitable for hosting a few guests for tea. These are made from a special flameware clay that can withstand the heat from a charcoal fire or an alcohol lamp. These can fit standard-size alcohol lamps. Please be aware they are not suitable for gas or electric ranges. 

This batch of kettles uses a newer, more refined design. These are designed with the purpose of boiling water for serving tea in mind. The kettles pour smoothly. They can steadily pour a delicate stream of water or a more powerful flow as the kettle is tipped to a steeper angle. I only make these once a year. Even though the design looks simple, attention is put into the details that matter. 

Just like brewing tea, boiling water with charcoal is a skill that takes some practice. I wrote a few posts to help you get started Ceramic Stove Essential Tips and Lighting Charcoal for your stove. Please refer to these for more information on using a charcoal stove. 

The photos will show all the pieces that come with that particular set. 

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