Old Master Hong Shui Oolong Spring 2015

 Deep, rich flavor with notes of peach and nutmeg. This tea has a robust mouthfeel.

To get this tea we had to beg the 85 year old tea master who knows how to make it for years. This year our wish came true! The weather was right for making Hong Shui Oolong this year and he agreed to make a small batch for us. The handmade artisan production of this kind of tea is a dying art. The tea masters that know how to do it are all very advanced in age. We hope that by promoting this kind of tea we can help keep it alive. We hope to create a market that will inspire younger tea makers to go through the extra work of making these traditional teas. This is a very difficult proposition as its not only hard to sell since the market prefers greener teas, but also much more labor intensive. It would be a shame if this kind of traditional tea was lost forever. 

This is an excellent traditional style medium oxidation Taiwanese Hong Shui Oolong. In its name the words Hong Shui mean "red water" referring to the darker color of the steeped tea. For this reason some people call Hong Shui Oolong "red water oolong" While the color is by no means red as you can see in the picture, it is darker and more rich than the yellow-green hue of a lightly oxidized tea. 

While light oxidation teas tend to have a more floral flavor profile, medium oxidation teas tend toward more fruity flavors. This tea is a good example of that. This tea has a deep and rich flavor with notes of peach and nutmeg. This tea has a robust mouthfeel. 

This special tea is very hard to find. There are a few good reasons for this. One is that, the current market favors light oxidation teas. Another is that the stronger oxidation calls for much more labor intensive production methods. Producing stronger oxidation also requires much more time. For these reasons genuine Hong Shui Oolong is rare. Many people offer teas that they claim are medium oxidation but most often they are just roasted in a way that simulates the flavor of medium oxidation. 

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